Forms, web forms and information

What information do you really need from your customers and more importantly what do your customers or clients want from you. I am often asked to write web forms that ask an enormous amount of information from the person filling it in.  This is normally when companies have been using paper forms and are moving […]

Virus: Crypto-locker removal and repair

Recovering from a crypto-lock  virus attack on a single computer can be painful and a chore but when a virus hits your local network fast action is required. The Crypto-locker virus and variants are back, and in the wild right now. Most people don’t open dodgy emails and run at least some virus protection.  Unfortunately […]

Recovery from backup and other fun activities

  Following on from the post on backup which somewhat obscurely  was called Backup, backup, backup with extra backup  this post looks at how the backup works Apple has Time Machine Set and forget backup software with a really fast restore. Works locally   Microsoft has backup Comes free with Windows Creates snapshots Is encrypted […]

Server Installed Software

  The system you have provides all the functions that are normally associated with a Small Business Server File and print sharing for everyone Sharing of a single Internet connection between multiple computers A robust email server, which includes virus and spam filtering and webmail A network firewall to protect against Internet intruders Secure remote […]

Building a perfect web server | Part 3

In part one we did some planning and decided what we were going to do with this server and bought  some hardware In part two we updated the system, added the packages and got the web server listening on port 80. In part 3 of Building a perfect web server we are going to start […]

Building a perfect web server | Part 2

In the last post we looked at planning your perfect web-server : You know exactly what you want this server to do. You have some hardware on the way It is now time to decide what Operating system you are going to run. This will really depend on your preference but whatever you choose should […]

Building a perfect web-server |Part 1

Planning your web server The first thing we have to do when you are about to build the perfect Linux server is to ask yourself what it is you want your web-server to do. That may sound like a dumb question, but answering it will save you hours and hours of work and allow you […]