Securing MySql on your web server

 Securing MySql when running on your web server. We are securing the Mysql root account. This account can manipulate and delete all other databases and Mysql users on the system and should never be used as a web application user. Your web application will connect from ‘localhost’ via PHP and should never be configured […]

Google Apps migration of email

There is a good tool that will allow a full migration of all mailboxes to Google. 50GB limit in on basic plan but is upgradable Shared mailboxes are different to Outlook concept Calendar works the same Tasks work the same Outlook Group contacts do not transfer Gmail interface different to Outlook and you WILL encounter […]

Office 365 Exchange migration

Microsoft have a roadmap to migrate your system to Exchange Online (Office 365)   Issues you are likely to encounter Organisation limit is 50Gb for all email including shared Inboxes. Failed migration of mailboxes Very slow during migration See limits

Windows 10 is here and Microsoft gave it away

By this time you may have even downloaded (and installed) Windows 10 . Be aware that: Everything you write is collected Everything is distributed to Microsoft cloud services Everything is analysed Everything is stored Your wi-fi is shared Random thoughts in a text file? Shopping lists? where you browse? Your geographic information. Everything. It is […]

Windows Server is End of life

Microsoft  Small Business Server has  ( SBS ) probably served you well but the time has now come to upgrade to a new system because it will get hit with really nasty viruses like cryptolocker The fist thing to know about Microsoft Small Business Server is that it is really several servers rolled into one […]