Hard Drive Recovery

If your hard drive has died and you have valuable data on that you want back…

Recover from backups

This is by far the easiest method. If you have no backups then read on!

Turn off  your computer because any further use may make the data harder to recover.

Recovery of data is a time consuming and expensive and has no guarantee of results.  Have another look for backups. Often there is one around which can save you..

Recovery of data from broken systems

I have a pretty good record of recovering data from apparently dead disks so if your in a jam give me a call.

Recovery from:

  • non-booting systems
  • corrupted operating systems
  •  virus infested systems
  •  security compromised systems
  • RAID failure

Damaged hardware and unrecoverable data

  • The drive is  clicking
  • The drive will not spin up even when given power

There is not a lot I can do here since I do not dismantle drives. Recovery of data from drives in this condition is very,  very difficult and unless it is is absolutely critical to recover this hard drive then consider the data on it lost.

There are specialist labs that can have a go at it but there are no guarantees and it is expensive.