Coming up with a Disaster Recovery plan that meets all the requirements for a modern business or organisation  is often an expensive as large amount of data can cost alot of money to store on the cloud.

Storing some types of data on the cloud is also problematic since regulations may state that the data needs to stay within Australia or within company systems

We have been operating a remote backup system for Australian business since the early 2000’s. It satisfies even the most stringent regulations for data integrity and recovery

One of the primary reasons an organisation needs a DR plan is to ensure that the organisation can can access data in even extreme loss situations.

Disaster TypeLocal backupCloud StorageYopui DR
FireTotal lossSlow Recovery to local systemsImmediate Access
FloodTotal lossSlow Recovery to local systemsImmediate Access
Server LossRecovery from DriveSlow Recovery to local systemsImmediate Access
Malicious destructionRecovery from DrivesSlow Recovery to local systemsImmediate Access

Key points in this system

  • Files stay within your company
  • Files are not hidden in encrypted backup or compressed
  • Saved files are identical to originals
  • There is no reliance on third party host
  • High security encrypted point to point transport

Many businesses do not survive a major disaster because the business is incapable of functioning until a new office is found and in that time no business can be carried out. The business simply runs out of money. This system is designed to provide business continuity at a low cost and overhead.

How it works

1. Normal network backup and operation

Provide Increased redundancy and Disaster recovery  with nightly off-site backup over an encrypted Internet connection.






The main work server is silently smart mirroring your server  to your home or second office. An email is generated once the backup is complete letting you know it is done.

If there was a fire today at the office could your business survive the loss of all the computer systems?


It could be a flood at the office, the server could be stolen or destroyed. The list of potential disasters for your business is long but all of them involve total loss of onsite information.

2. Enable Access to the Backup sytem


In this system you will have immediate access via the Internet to your backup machine for your employees wherever they are. This is similar to a cloud storage system.

  • User permissions are identical
  • Groups permissions identical
  • File structure and email structure is identical
  • VPN access is quickly enabled

Work form home, cafe, a car outside the house. Move people into a garage and carry on for those first few hours or days

3. Move the entire system to a new building

recover-business from backup



This is where you see most benefit. The system is simply moved to the new location and all of your files are accessible locally on a local wireless network.

Restore to your new systems

Install the new systems and quickly copy the contents of your DR server to your shiny new server.

When you finally have the new office with new phone lines, new Internet connection and a pile of new computers ,after the insurance has stumped up the money, you can move the backup server into place and get back to work as usual.

If you had gone through this we would not have to remind you to backup your stuff…


How much will  a full redundant server cost?

The second server does not have to be the same as the primary server. We can provide very low cost options for the initial backup server.

When does the File backup start?

Work Files are transparently transferred overnight to your home server. We can set this to a time that suits you.

What files are transferred from the Startup Server to the backup server?

We generally set up the system to backup all of your files. We are happy to set-up as required.

Who has access to the backed up files?

The files are hosted within your organisation and you can decide who has access to them.

Do Yopui have access to the files?

Unless you give us access to the server for maintenance we do not have access to the files


Are the files sent over a secure tunnel or VPN?

The files are transferred using high encryption as used by good banks and most security agencies.

We have multiple sites. Can we backup to a single server?

You can backup many servers to a single backup server.

This technology is used by almost all data centers to securely move file content around the Internet. It