Building a perfect web server | Part 3

In part one we did some planning and decided what we were going to do with this server and bought  some hardware In part two we updated the system, added the packages and got the web server listening on port 80. In part 3 of Building a perfect web server we are going to start […]

Building a perfect web server | Part 2

In the last post we looked at planning your perfect web-server : You know exactly what you want this server to do. You have some hardware on the way It is now time to decide what Operating system you are going to run. This will really depend on your preference but whatever you choose should […]

Building a perfect web-server |Part 1

Planning your web server The first thing we have to do when you are about to build the perfect Linux server is to ask yourself what it is you want your web-server to do. That may sound like a dumb question, but answering it will save you hours and hours of work and allow you […]

Securing MySql on your web server

 Securing MySql when running on your web server. We are securing the Mysql root account. This account can manipulate and delete all other databases and Mysql users on the system and should never be used as a web application user. Your web application will connect from ‘localhost’ via PHP and should never be configured […]