This is a minimal environment where we can quickly and efficiently add any of the applications that you need for your business. The server core is so minimal that it does not include any server applications. It is the base from which your custom system is built.

Server Core Firewall

We set all ports are set to stealth mode and are invisible to the Internet

Sever Core Audit tools

These light weight applications constantly monitor for changes to the system that may expose the system to the Internet.

Server Core Testing and audit tools

Secure support systems

All communications with support are handled via SSH secure key login with additional layers of security applied

Server Core Build Tool

To limit the chance of error in this vitally important stage of the build the system is built from a custom application that ensure system security.

Server Core Audit tool

The system is tested using independent external tools. We never take our work for granted as the threat environment is continuously changing.

System Lock tool

This tool now runs on the system server-core  essentially locking the system up prior to any further software changes. This is to ensure that the system is not compromised in the initial build stage


Step 2
Building the Network