By this time you may have even downloaded (and installed) Windows 10 . Be aware that:

  • Everything you write is collected
  • Everything is distributed to Microsoft cloud services
  • Everything is analysed
  • Everything is stored
  • Your wi-fi is shared

Random thoughts in a text file? Shopping lists? where you browse? Your geographic information. Everything. It is all shared

Welcome to Blade Runner LA 2019. Came a little early

We used to protect our Desktops and laptops and give away as much info as we need to on our phones, tablets and choice of web browser to be able to function in the digital world. Google tempted us with free software, we signed up with everyone hoping that our desktop was a safe harbour  if we protected it with enough anti-spyware but that is no longer the case.

Windows 10 takes away your privacy


Windows 10 sucks your information out of your life
Windows 10 looks pretty looks pretty but removes your safe harbour

By default Windows 10 keeps and tells the Microsoft servers:


  • All your keystrokes (keylogger)
  • All your browsing history
  • Contacts
  • Calender events
  • Usage data
  • Wi-fi passwords
  • Your location




 No way back.

You can’t turn off Windows 10 updates.

On the face of it this seem like a very sensible idea. Users routinely turn off Windows update to avoid the massive updates and then get smashed with a nasty new virus that  gives out all your passwords, installs key-loggers and steals your wi-fi passwords to a third party. Oh, wait.

Microsoft just did that as part of the operating system..

Once you have installed Windows 10 you are going where Microsoft tells you. Even if you don’t want it.

You could go and buy a MAC but that is really no better with its dependence for everything on Apple. They have been burying and embedding spyware since day one which was always a good reason to steer clear.


Is it time to join those with the anarchist-hacker operating system?

Truth is. You already did.

  • Android is a Linux distribution designed for mobile devices.
  • Almost every Website you visit is running on Linux
  • Almost every Router and/wireless router is running Linux

It is everywhere a computer needs to work without hassle.

  • It connects to everything
  • It is secure
  • It has no viruses

The desktop is so different though!

This is Redhat 4.2 from 1997 and it really isn’t very pretty is it. I tried to get people to change from Windows 95 to Linux. I quiet often had to resort to the command line to get things done.


hackity hack hack hack

In the last few years Linux distributions focussed on the people that were using it already

  • More things were connected
  • Improvements in security
  • Smoother to use
  • Easier to install
  • Prettier

 Welcome to a life outside the Matrix.  Not all gruel and misery

Windows 10 features already built into Linux desktops

  • Multiple desktops aka workspaces
  • Windows spread ( task view)
  • Desktop plus online search
  • Package manager
  • Convergence of mobile and desktop OS


What about Microsoft Office?

Unless you want to stay with Office 2010 you are going to need to upgrade to Office online or Office 365 to stay with Microsoft because you have spent years learning Excel macros and power formulae.


Because this runs over the web it will run quiet happily on your new Linux desktop.


Seriously. What are you waiting for?
Get Ubuntu Free